Founded by Vitne in mid-2014, VK FEVER is an online radio stream specializing in visual kei-oriented music, primarily melodic Japanese "J-rock".  Artists include Japanese and international artists and bands.  VK FEVER was founded as a way to help promote outstanding talent and music in the Visual Kei genres, especially in the non-Japanese speaking world.  Outside Japan, VK music can be tough to find.  Westerners are really taking to streaming music services like Spotify and Rdio, but many Japanese artists can only be found on iTunes if they are even released internationally at all.  It is VK FEVER's mission to give visual kei fans worldwide an easy and free place to listen to these artists. Help spread VK FEVER and its mission by sharing this site with your friends.

(VK FEVER is hosted by Live365, which pays any royalties due artists from airplay.)

Special thanks to all the bands, and all the fans out there!