Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Move to Live365 (at least temporarily)

Dear listeners,

Due to Radionomy consistently having issues, we have decided to change broadcast hosting to Live365.

Radionomy has left a bit to be desired.  They have a good mission in mind, but they have fallen flat more often than not.  Their "ads" are merely shortened versions of songs, often having no relation to the station's genre, which is very odd.  Also, they seem to like deleting our radio stream or things related to it.  Most recently, all our information was totally deleted, like our station logo, and for some reason only Gackt was playing.  All other artists had been removed.  We love Gackt but that was not intentional.

So, at least for now, we have decided to go with Live365.  Their iPhone app is excellent, as we have heard of their Android app as well.

Tune in now

We apologize about any confusion, but until Radionomy sorts out their issues, we will focus on Live365, or perhaps eventually hosting it ourselves (we must be popular enough to warrant that!!)

Please continue to share this website.  Thank you for your support.

~Vitne and VK FEVER