Sunday, February 8, 2015

State of the VK FEVER Address 2015

Greetings everyone.  I hope you are well.

I just want to do a quick update as for the current status and goals of VK FEVER for 2015.

The reason I founded this radio stream and website was the fact that it is not exactly easy to find visual kei music (or related) online aside from a few places here and there.  Nowhere really definitive, so to speak, that is easy (and legal).  So far, VK FEVER has gotten a great response and some of you have come forward and let me know you appreciate what I am doing, and for that, thank you.  I really appreciate the feedback!

On that note, yes this radio stream is 100%, but it does rely HEAVILY on word of mouth.  So please, share the site.

As for what 2015 will bring:

1.  I am consider adding a reviews section
2.  Lots of new music
3.  T-Shirts!

We have re-launched the website with a new design and a brand new logo.  In addition...we made t-shirts!  So if you end up buying one (thank you) please, take a picture or a selfie with it on, rockin' it proudly, and send it over or post it to our Twitter or Facebook!

Lastly, please continue to send in your artist suggestions.

Thank you again for the support.  You all are wonderful.

Best wishes for 2015, love,
Jo K. (Vitne)